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Sophie’s Letter


In honour of my 13th birthday two years ago, I started the Walk to Axe Anaphylaxis with the hope of raising a few thousand dollars for allergy research. With the overwhelming response from the community, we ended up raising $45,000.  Of course, we had to hold the event again, this time raising over $70,000 thanks to […]

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Check out the photos from our successful 2009 Walk to Axe Anaphylaxis event by clicking on an image above, or click here to see the full album.

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4 Ways to Win a Medical Malpractice Case

If you have been because of negligence on the part of your doctor or another care provider, you may have grounds for medical malpractice suit. One tactic to help you win your case may be to hire a medical expert witness. Let’s take a look at some of the other steps that may be helpful in obtaining a favorable result in a malpractice case.

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Requirements for a Successful Medical Malpractice Suit

Doctors and practitioners are required to be responsible when dealing with patients. They should monitor their patients’ health, give the right diagnosis and the right treatment for whichever ailment the patient is diagnosed. In some cases, however, medical malpractice experts occurs which causes harm to the patient and in severe cases death may occur. These are however mistakes that can be avoided and the lives of everyone saved. Moreover, doctors have a code of conduct that governs them and requires them to act in a specific way so as to minimize this negligence

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Three Types of Massage Therapy for You

Massage therapy is an extremely effective way that you can alleviate stress and purify yourself of the problems and struggles of the previous day. Massage therapy is also an excellent way to soothe muscle pains and other annoyances. You have several choices from which you can choose when it comes to massage therapy.

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Does Daycare Make My Child Smarter?

Does attending daycare really enhance your child’d overall development? The high cost of living has made it mandatory for one or both parents work outside the home. However, there are times when it might be in your child’s best interest to enroll them in daycare or at least part-time child care Toronto facility. But the question of whether early socialization is necessary for your child’s overall development seems to be a never-ending debate.

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Selecting a Dentist

Conducting thorough research before choosing a dentist Ottawa ensures you opt for one who meets your specific needs. This process is as important as selecting the most suitable house for your lifestyle. When trying to find the right dental practitioner, ensure you consider the following.

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Supplements That Help With Cardio

Most people visit the gym with specific goals in mind. Losing weight and gaining endurance are primary goals. Cardio workouts fire metabolic burn and increase blood circulation while strengthening heart muscle and lungs. Endurance is the key to athletic performance. It is also the framework for daily living as we age. That is why supplements for cardio performance are so important for all ages and activities.

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How To Plan Your Visit To A Baby Show

The decision to attend baby shows helps you to explore the possibilities of the modern parent. Instead of using ancient devices that stifle your comfort and your baby’s development, you can explore an array of gear intended to make your lives safer, healthier and easier. Making preparations prior to the show heightens these benefits.

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Myths About Lap Band Surgery

Struggling with obesity is a tiresome endeavor made all the more frustrating by the startling amount of misinformation so often preached as fact. Fad diets, weight loss pills, miracle cures, and various other remedies that amount to nothing more than snake oil abound, creating a confusing miasma of misinformation that must be waded through before one can make an informed decision. Weight loss surgery is no exception; many people peddle falsehoods about lap band surgery, gastric sleeves, and gastric balloons, making it extremely hard to make an informed decision. So: what is fact, and what’s blatant fiction?

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All about orthodontic retainers

Orthodontists provide patients with retainers in the final phase of their realignment treatment. The retainer is used to complete and keep a beautiful smile. There are four types of orthodontic retainers that are custom made to hold the teeth in position. Retainers play a very important role in the realignment process.

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How To Prepare Your Child For Summer Camp

Summer camp provides children with scheduled activities that help them stay healthy and active all summer long. As excited as your little one is about making new friends and spending time away from home, he or she is likely nervous and worried too. There are some simple things you can do to ease those worries and help your child prepare for summer camps Ontario.

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How to Find the Right Chiropractor

Selecting the best chiropractor Newmarket is a challenge because of a wide variety of practice techniques and philosophies involved in the profession. For instance, there are those who deal with the spine. Some incorporate supplements and testing of muscles while others use electrical or ultrasound simulation for treatment. This article outlines how you can choose a good chiropractic specialist.

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Life Choices


web address : http://www.lifechoicesfoods.com Life Choices makes natural and organic convenience foods for kids including: mac ‘n cheese, breaded chicken and fish, pierogies, meatballs and all beef, nitrite-free hot dogs. Look for Life Choices in the natural value section of your grocery store!

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