Does Daycare Make My Child Smarter?

Does attending daycare really enhance your child’d overall development? The high cost of living has made it mandatory for one or both parents work outside the home. However, there are times when it might be in your child’s best interest to enroll them in daycare or at least part-time child care facility. But the question of whether early socialization is necessary for your child’s overall development seems to be a never-ending debate.

As expected, there are many parents who question whether it truly benefits their child to attend a daycare program. The first assumption that early interaction encourages social interaction and better communications skills at an early age largely depends on the child’s family life.

Follow the Leader

Since children learn from what they see, especially at a young age, providing them with a warm, loving environment is the first order of business. In general, it is their family that has a major impact on their development. Interaction with other children definitely helps them learn how to share and communicate effectively through play, but it probably doesn’t impact their overall intelligence as many parents hope.

Intelligence levels are pretty much in place from birth, so anything we do as parents or caretakers only enhances what the child already possesses. Gifted young lads seem to do equally as well at home as they do in a daycare program.

If you are insistent that attending a child care program is a must for your little one, what should you look for? Parents looking for an educational setting should always be on the lookout for a structured program that involves creativity and basic learning of the ABCs, when appropriate. But keep in mind, just because you think your child is the next Albert Einstein, doesn’t make it so. Pushing your child too hard can have seriously negative repercussions. There is a huge difference between wanting to give you little one the very best of everything and having unreachable expectations.

Completing the Puzzle

The most important factor of a child’s development is the interaction he or she has with their parental figures. Regardless of whether they attend a daycare facility or early learning program, what goes on at home is what’s most important. Daily back-and-forth interaction while performing daily activities is what counts. Parents actively listening to their child and responding warmly helps to shape young children’s personalities.

Many people still believe that children who do not attend a childcare program are more reserved and anti-social. This is simply not true. Just as every diamond is cut different, so is your child. Visit Wee Watch Licensed Home Child Care for additional resources.